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Interactive Smart Room Classes

Smart Class is a technology based class which introduces a healthy learning experiences for students. It leaves no space of leaving students bored or uninspired. Smart class outcomes active learners. Smart class includes audio & video presentation teaching method to explain the concepts better.

Computer Lab

In current world of information Technologies an early exposure of computers & its technology to each & every child is very significant. It enhance their confidence towards computer usage. Our school has separate computer lab for the same.

Science Lab

The school has well equipped laboratories for science students. Students are encouraged to learn through practical experiments in their lab.

Prayer Hall

Prayer is an important part of a good school. Students will recognize the same through regular prayer which will energies their mind & improves concentration.

Madrasa Education

Madrasa an Arabic word, literally means place of dars i.e., teaching. Madrasas Education is highly relevant. It defines & discusses categories like society, Religion. Education & Modernity. The school gives importance to Madrasa education as religious education is very important & detailed for Muslims.

First aid Training

First aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury. The key aims of first aid are Preserve life, prevent further harm & promote recovery. We train students & staffs in basic first aid skills with practical practices & experiments.

Art&Craft Training

Crescent gives importance to an area beyond academics to keep a child ready by 360° As a part of it arts & craft training enhance creativity talents in various creative areas. Encouragements of each & every child is the early plan for it.

Gardening (Herbal &Floral)

It shows that it improves pupil's confidence, resilience & self esteem. It gives them a sense of responsibility & fosters positive behaviour. "Gardening brings learning alive" It is a better way that can engage children actively in their learning to support healthy living & to make learning fun.

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