First off, most newer engineers probably won’t have access to a lot of fancy mics, 12 channels of … Starting off with the most affordable kit on the list is the CAD Audio Stage 7-Piece kit. I have two figure‑of‑eight Golden Age ribbon mics that I want to use as overheads for drum recording. So one final overhead option is … The distance between the mic and the drumset was our focus. 8 Mono or 4 Stereo Channels (Stereo or Mono Selectable Switch) Selectable Line or Mic Input on inputs A1-A4 and selectable mic/line level inputs on channels B1-B4; Dual Power Supply: Power Adapter (Included) or 9V battery (Not Included) Ultra Low-Noise – Perfect Sound Quality Even at Max Volume; 8 Inputs with individual volume controls (1/4" TS) We’re using the Tascam DR07 MK2 ($150), a Shure SM57 on the Snare ($100) and a Beta 52 (You can find it for about $150). View Larger Image; The Recording: In this video we show how to record a drum set with 4 microphones. A ribbon mic is a type of dynamic microphone that uses a thin aluminum, duraluminum, or nanofilm ribbon placed between the poles of a magnet to generate voltages by electromagnetic induction. Now you should have all the microphones all set up on the drum kit, and the functionality to capture and record all the drums you desire! And I bet you’ll be tempted to … Final Thoughts on the Best Drum Mic Kits. With a four-mic set-up, neither of our overhead options, although giving a natural representation of the kit and clear cymbal sound, will give much definition from the toms. I've read about Blumlein pairs and will try that, but I also wondered if I could try Mid/Side recording techniques. Mic positioning 8. Plus it's easy to mount to a single mic stand with a stereo mic clip above the drum kit out of the way of the drummer. These were the first microphones I ever used when I started learning how to record drums and other instruments.. Tom miking: you can get a more defined tom sound by bringing the mics lower. The kit includes enough microphones to record a standard five-piece kit, including mics for the kick, snare, three toms, and stereo overheads.. Now, I’m sure you’ve seen cheap drum microphone sets (like the image below) that cost less than $110 a set. Last month we began this series by exploring three different ways to record a drumset with a single microphone. 7 microphones in a set for less than $110! Ribbon microphones typically pick up sounds equally well from either side of the microphone, which is why they make good candidates for the two-mic technique. The drum set with all the 7 microphones (1 kick, 1 snare, 3 toms, 2 overheads) should look like this! Recording Drums – Excellent 4 mic setup. Drum Miking 101, Part 2: Two-Microphone Setups John Emerich. We chose this particular setup for two reasons. With that said, the first drum miking setup we’ll cover in this series is the “recorderman” technique, a basic 4-microphone method. This month we’re adding a second microphone. In many cases, just one snare mic, one bass drum mic and a pair of overhead microphones will do. 5 - XY COINCIDENT PAIR Mono compatibility is important in stereo miking if you want your drums to retain their sound whether in stereo speakers or on a mono playback device.