Although beets prefer growing in cooler temperatures, they still need at least 6 hours of sun to thrive. Ive planted beets about 3 times this year and I cant get the darn thigns to grow!!! If you fertilize, go easy on nitrogen; excess will cause an abundance of greens but tiny bulbs beneath the soil. Growing medium was allowed to dry out. Choose smaller, rounded varieties of beets if your soil is heavy or shallow. Your soil should remain moistened but not drenched, and not bone dry. Damping off occurs when a pathogen that thrives on too-wet conditions is able to grow … Beets grow best in well-draining rich, loose soil. They don’t need special treatment and are rarely bothered by pests. Good companion plants for growing beets include bush beans and onions. How to Grow a Beet in Water Without Seeds. Beets are so easy to grow. Growing Beet Micro-Greens Instructions. I've received a query about a spot in a vegetable garden near Pine City, where the carrots and beets have been planted, but didn't germinate the first time, and the gardener tried again, but still nothing sprouted. Looking for a reason that carrots and beets wouldn't sprout, in a small part of a large garden. Known for its edible greens as well as its sweet, tasty roots, the beet is a member of the Chenopodiaceae family. Everything else is growing fine, I just cant get the beets to germinate! Beets are a cool-season crop grown for both the roots and greens. Beets do not tolerate soil with a low pH (below 6.0). 9 Tips for Growing Beets. Yields approximately three times as many Micro-Greens (by weight) as seed planted. ‘Damping off’ disease, which can affect the seeds before they germinate. If your winter is mild, you can grow beets during the winter too. Planting. Plan on growing beets as a spring and fall crop. PLEASE read the contents of Notes Tab (to the right) for variations and a whole lot more information.. Grow Beets on our favorite medium-75% Coconut Coir 25% Earthworm Castings for added nitrogen (very good for plant growth).. I'm a U of MN MG in Crow Wing County. Learn more about soil amendments and preparing soil for planting. How to Plant Beets