This bookshelf ottoman idea is great for couples who love their books but doesn’t have the luxury of a space for freestanding bookshelves. If you look into it, there are actually a lot of bookshelf hacks that you can try in your own house. There is so much that you can do with the area under your stairs. You can also lay books neatly on your table for additional book storage. 25 small home office designs creating functional and modern work spaces. A shelf full of books adds instant appeal to any room, whether in the form of bespoke joinery of stand alone shelves. Moreover, set it as tall as your ceiling permits to have more space for your books and other stuff. Arcadia Standard Bookcase. Nicolette is a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design graduate. Source: The color in the books actually makes a great accessory to your house, plus it lets you optimize space fully. Turn your small powder rooms into an interesting space in your house. Walls play a vital role for storage in small rooms so take advantage of them. Why splurge on painting when you can make your books your wall decorations? See more ideas about design, house interior, home library. She has interned in an architectural firm and has also worked in a cabinet & furniture industry. Small houses can only provide you with a small space for a work area instead of a room. If you are short of space and want to incorporate a study room in your home, let ingenuity help you achieve this bookshelf idea. See also: 10 Space Saver Storage Designs You Need to Consider. Improve Your Sustainability at Home, Into Knick Knacks; Calming Video of Japanese Craftsman at Work, Effective Living Room Layouts for your Fireplace and TV, Amazing Small Living Room Layouts with TV to Inspire You. Explore different ways to spruce up old wooden bookshelves, style built-in shelves and add DIY touches like bookends and bookmarks.Even reimagine a small space in your home by creating a cozy reading nook with bookshelves and a place to unwind. My Account & Orders Sign In. Install open bookshelves above your door and windows, on walls that allow you to have them, and the spaces below your furniture. See also: Extreme Storage and Organization, Every Women’s Dream! Expand your footprint within a small room with these creative solutions. by Trent Austin Design® $239.99. Arrange the books in a certain way that will make head-turning results. And conclude the space by decorating the walls with unique pieces. For DIY ideas, install many dividers to keep the books organized. Just make sure you still have ample space for passage and picking of books. Source: Sale. Coolest Cooler is One of the Best and Worst Kickstarter Campaigns, 13 Brilliant Bookshelf Ideas for Small Room Solutions, Backflow Waterfall Incense Burner w/ 10 Cones, Industrial Superhero Bachelor Pad; Hong’s House by HAO Design. For small spaces, corner bookshelves are the way to go. The varied book covers bring pops of color to this neutral space and sustain anyone’s interest by adding in unique accessories on and above the bookshelves. Transform the end spaces of your island counters into a space for additional storage. First, you can make a room out of it, or turn it into your children’s playroom. And conclude the space by decorating the walls with unique pieces. Get FREE SHIPPING Today! Always keep in mind to utilize space as much as you can, leave no possible corners for clutter and always create those bookshelf solutions with personality and style. Arranged them in a diverse but neat way for variety and also use wire baskets for better organization. Small Bedroom Ideas with a Tall Bookshelf. Using every inch of valuable spaces, choosing a built-in desk and shelves on the walls are good ideas for small home office design. IKEA bookshelf ideas for small room. May these some images for your ideas, imagine some of these best images. Coolest Cooler is One of the Best and Worst Kickstarter Campaigns, 10 Space Saver Storage Designs You Need to Consider, Stop Wasting Money.