Dip the rice paper in warm water & let it submerge for about 30 seconds & you will see that it softens up. Place the rolls on a heat-proof dish and place in a steamer. Keep a pan half filled (or less) with water on low heat while you make the rolls. Heat the oil in a wok over medium heat to 400 degrees F and deep-fry rolls until reddish-brown. https://www.knorr.lk/recipes/detail/15134/1/mini-chicken-spring-rolls Chinese dishes take a great place. But instead of using the egg-roll wrapper, a thin crepe like pancake is used to hold the filling and then breaded and deep fried. This is one of the Sri Lankan recipes influenced by Chinese cuisine. You can post your favorite recipe. They are our version of the Chinese Egg Roll. First introduced by the many settlers who reach the island, Short Eats are a flavoursome representation of Sri Lanka’s dense history of diversity: Rolls came from the Chinese, cutlets and patties arrived with the British, and vadais with the Tamils from India. Steam until the meat is cooked. https://www.topsrilankanrecipe.com/make-beef-rolls-recipe-homemade-crispy These savory Sri Lankan Rolls are always a favorite at parties. Remove the rolls. Sri Lankan food is rich with different type of recipes and influenced by many other Asian foods. Rolls are my favorite fast food snack (aka short eats in Sri Lanka) EVER!. Also, this was the first food I wanted to have when I went back for a vacation in Sri Lanka after 3 years. Wrap each tightly in a piece of clean cheesecloth. How to make Sri Lankan Mutton Rolls. The number of Chinese Rolls you want to make is up to you, but the recipe yields about 20-25 Chinese Rolls. Chinese Rolls (made with Rice Paper Wrappers): Sri Lanka Recipes : Malini's Kitchen Malini's Kitchen - Collection of Sri lankan recipes. https://bestfoodrecipesinsrilanka.blogspot.com/2013/03/chinese-rolls.html However, now this is purely Sri Lankan although these Chinese rolls have its roots to Spring rolls, which is a popular Chinese food. This was the first food I missed when I moved to the USA, 5 years ago. Let stand until cool, then unwrap and cut crosswise into 1-inch or 30 mm long sections. The filling is always savory, but can be varied from meat to a vegetarian filling.