The volume going to 11 as a reference to the classic Spinal Tap movie is our real favorite, but the Xmas light show on the Model X is the real Easter egg show stopper. Jeep loves Easter eggs and often hides more than one at a time. Tucked under the windscreen wipers are a pair of sandals, and on the windshield, wheels, and gear selector, you can find small illustrations of the Willys Jeep. It is at the heart of every vehicle that Chrysler creates. It's triggered by holding down the "T" button on the infotainment screen then entering the code "holiday." The headlights read ‘100' with a vertical light unit and two projector lights. It's not a big secret that the Chrysler Pacifica became the fourth generation of the Dodge Caravan. Hummer’s headlight logo even reminds me of the ones on the mid-2000s Ford GT, made to commemorate Ford’s 100th anniversary. Maybe it’s the cost. Ford wasn't the first to do it, but we love the little celebration of Ford's 100th anniversary. 2021 Volvo XC90 Test Drive Review: Enduring Luxury, Lotus Evora GT Test Drive Review: Simplicity Looks Stunning, 2021 Ram 1500 TRX First Look Review: The Beast Has Arrived. Working something in for the nerds in a car's headlights deserves a round of applause. According to lore, a designer dared a co-worker to slip a shark into the car somewhere, hidden enough to make it through to production but noticeable enough that some people could find it. It’s possible that easter eggs are more popular on the internet than on dealership lots, given that the Chrysler 200 has one of my favorites. Even the second-gen Sable! The Hummer EV’s easter egg isn’t much of one anyway so much as a design treat. Hence, the easter eggs. I love, even, the old Mercury Sables that had these. Why The McLaren GT Is The Best Everyday Supercar, Become A Better Driver With This Must-Have Gadget, Why The 2021 Cadillac Escalade Is The Ultimate Fullsize SUV, Cars That Are Even Rarer Than You Thought, 2021 Toyota Sienna Test Drive Review: The Family Car Made Efficient, 2021 Chrysler Pacifica First Drive Review: Minivan Excellence. Sure, it’s needed some work on the body and on…, We've been all over the 2015 Jeep Renegade, heard how fuel efficient it's going to be and how many…, The 2019 Ram 1500 has a new mild hybrid system, a glorious optional 12-inch touchscreen display,…, My friend recently gave me a ride in his Chrysler 200S (yes, someone actually bought one), and…. The less subtle surprise appears at the bottom of the windscreen on the passenger side in the form of a Team Corvette logo. However, on the back of one of the rear storage bins, owners have found a google-eyed spider and its web. Leaving the space free reveals a cool little Easter egg. The second features the McLaren Honda MP4/5B F1 car and the RC166 race bike, the third shows the NS500 motorcycle and the robot ASIMO, while the fourth features the Curtiss Special and the RA272 race cars. It also means the Hummer has a WTF mode, which appeals to our inner teenagers. I love full-width headlights! The concept expanded and came to mean hidden images, messages, or even features. On the mat is a 1:60 scale diagram showing a human, a TRX truck, and a T-Rex towering over a Velociraptor (in reference to the Ford F-150 Raptor). Hence, 2004 models of the popular little hatchback have the shark engraved into one of the glovebox hinges. If you believe the rumor, this Easter egg from the European hatchback has a great little story behind it. He's also consulted with Jeep, and his insight and input have been of enough value the brand has honored him with Easter eggs through the current range. It’s possible that easter eggs are more popular on the internet than on dealership lots, given that the Chrysler 200 has one of my favorites.