Phillauri is a 2017 Indian Hindi fantasy comedy film directed by Anshai Lal and produced by Fox Star Studios with Anushka Sharma and her brother Karnesh Ssharma under their banner of Clean Slate Filmz.Director Navdeep Singh and writer Sudip Sharma are associated with the film as creative producers. रमता जोगी (Ramta Jogi) 3. These lines provide you with a glimpse of how an Indian wedding takes place. An auspicious signal. The film stars Anushka Sharma, Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma and Mehreen Pirzada in the … DIN SHAGNA DA. LOVE this version, so much more elegant and modern but keeping up with the old school charm! The Din Shagna Da (Phillauri) hitmaker tells us this practice is rampant in the music industry. This song was already one of the most popular songs ever, until Vishal Punjabi used his magic to make it even more awesome ! ( Shagna da vela शगना दा वेला good time for any auspicious occasion.) Din Shagna Da - The music video of Din Shagna Da will be featuring the lead actress of the movie i. In Punjabi word Shagna is — An auspicious occasion . Site activity. Kamal Studios. This is the most desired Punjabi folk bridal entry song used nowadays. The theme of the event was given to be Din Shagna Da, & to celebrate its grand and remarkable journey of auspicious 11 years of community service, everyone was dressed in the traditional attire. Read about music throughout history Read. Din shagna da chadheya Aao sakhiyon ni vehra sajeya Haan.. Mera sajna mileya Sajna milan vadhaiyan Ni saajan doli leke aauna Ni vehra sajeya Mera sajna mileya Sajna mileya Sajna mileya haan.. Wo ho… Din shagna da chadheya Aao sakhiyon ni vehra sajeya Haan… Mera sajna mileya Sajna milan vadhaiyan Ni sajan doli leke auna […] Login or register to post comments; Music Tales. In literal terms, it means ‘the auspicious day has dawned’. If you are admirer of Indian film and want to understand it better, even help everyone else to understand it better, providing to people translations in your own language, you are in the right place, so feel free to share Indian movie subtitles and song translations! The chorus “Din Shagna Da, Chadya” is about the arrival of the auspicious wedding day. Welcome to BollyNook . So far, I have not done it on my channel. Chaiyya Chaiyya: Comments. Bini Landau - באתי לפניך (Bati Lefanecha) Hebrew → Transliteration. That's the beauty of Punjabi music.. we laugh and cry in the same breath..Din Shagnaan da and Madhaaniyaan and Chitta Kukkad banere te.. they all go together.. ... Himmat-e-marda-madad-e-khuda.. meaning.. if you make the effort, God will help. A signal of good. New translation. Din Shagna Da Chadeya: 2. #15 Din Shagna Da | Wedding Filmer Version; A coy bride's entry is incomplete without Din Shagna Da playing in the background! “A lot of people do that all the time. TRIVIA- The Palanquin Doli is the vehicle in which the bride departs for her new home after bidding goodbye to her family. When Facebook tickles your phunny bone Someone posted on Facebook: Commitphobic. The groom further goes on to talk about inviting friends to the courtyard and being congratulated by everyone on finding his soulmate. This song describes the bride inviting her friends to join the auspicious day of her wedding. Her groom is about to arrive with a palanquin. Keeping up with consistency, NGO Tammana organized its 11th Anniversary Celebrations naming – #Ashia11 ; meaning life and hope.