A wild move gives the player a boost and allows them to ram enemies, obstacles and other players. A number of reviews lamented the decision to replace the bongo control scheme with that using the Wii Remote and nunchuk, as well as the dated visuals. Players that are shot out from one of these start a small game, where they must point the Wii remote a certain direction to have their racer perform stylish moves. A bunch of bananas that gives the player 30 bananas when used. Jungle Grand Prix, the main mode of the game, features eight racers in a multi-lap race to the finish line on a given race track. The game director is Kenichi Imaeda, and supervising is done by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. The first three correct moves earns them ten bananas, but getting all four commands right earns them an additional fifty for a total of eighty bananas. A unique feature in this game is the ability to ride a Toboggan, a Minecart, as well as Animal Buddies. Template:Italic title Template:FA Template:Redirect Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (known as Donkey Kong Jet Race in Europe and Australia) is a racing game in the Donkey Kong franchise. In order to hitch a ride on either of them, the player must run into the Animal Crate on the track with their picture, where the box either stays still or moves back and forth in a line for players to catch. One can also use a wild move by pushing down on the control stick and releasing it. Paon's president Rikiya Nakagawa is one of the three producers of the game, Eiji Akahori is the lead programmer and Takashi Kouga composed the game's music. Players are also able to attack obstacles and other players, and any player hit by an item loses ten bananas. Some of them can be spawned by touching a Surprise Panel. Bananas are found on the racetracks and are used to fill up a gauge that contains Wild Moves, which give players a small speed boost when used; this move can be extended by repeatedly crashing into barrels, certain enemies like Zingers or other players, making them lose ten bananas. A special yellow Launcher Barrel. 1 Gameplay 2 Jungle Grand Prix 2.1 Topaz Cup 2.2 Sapphire Cup 2.3 Diamond Cup 2.4 Platnium Cup 2.5 Selection Cup 2.6 … It is also not possible for one player to use Ultra Barrel DK while another player uses Donkey Kong or vice versa, due to them sharing the same character slot. One hit defeats them. If used by a Kong, it tosses more bananas. Their Animal Crates respawns to their original location once a riding racer reaches the end of the Animal Friend's area. The vehicular form of transportation in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast are rocket-powered bongos; due to their aerial nature, the racers are unaffected by the course's grounded terrain, but they move slower underwater and automatically reach their top speed inside a wormhole and when entering a Launcher Barrel. Electrified ones slow down racers significantly if attacked unless they are attacked while invincible or with. In order to accelerate, the Wii Remote and Nunchuk must be shaken together, and to jump, players need to raise the Wii Remote and Nunchuk upwards. They can be destroyed only if the player is invincible or is using an. Intially announced for release on the Nintendo GameCube with support for the bongo controller, it was released for the Wii in mid-late 2007 in Japan and North America and early 2008 in Europe and Australia. Three difficulty levels not only control the difficultly of CU players during a race, but how fast a player will move once they reach their top speed, with Rookie being the slowest, Pro being medium and Expert being the fastest. The green ones in the DK Jungle courses attacks by breathing green bubbles, while red ones found in the Mt Dynamite courses breathe fire. A robotic DK look-alike that shoots lasers. To unlock Pro Difficulty, the player needs to win the Sapphire Cup on Rookie difficulty. Blast Barrels lack the explosion symbol in Donkey Kong Land 2 and Donkey Kong Land III. If used by a Kremling, it gives two extra Wild Moves. Trivia [edit | edit source]. If used by a Kong, the effect lasts a little longer. When Barrel Blast was first announced, it was supposed to use the DK bongo drum accessory. One hit defeats it. Donkey Kong Barrel Blast received negative reviews. Regular ones appear in DK Jungle Falls, while electrified variants appear in DK Jungle Sunset. A player can attack its tentacles and make it retract them briefly inside the rocks, and the head can also be attacked to stun the squid for a while, though only if the player crashes into it while using a Wild Move or attacks it while riding on Enguarde. Each type of racer, Kong or Kremling, has their team's color, with the Kong balloons being red and the Kremling balloons being blue. They attack racers by leaping out of the water and biting them. "Donkey Kong Barrel Blast" Does anyone have the controls Dolphin Wii? A bat that flies around in a set pattern. It takes 50 bananas to fill it and obtain a Wild Move. Win Candy's Challenge 24: Challenge Cranky!. Donkey Konga 3: Tabehōdai! The swarm can be removed instantly if the player runs into it while invincible. When a character jumps into a Blast Barrel, it automatically launches them in a predetermined direction. The second-most common obstacle in the game. This game requires twenty-two blocks on the player's Wii system to save game data, and the game data can also be copied and moved to an SD card or transferred to another Wii. Win the Selection Cup (any difficulty level and course combination can be used). The most common obstacle, essential for Wild Move combos. The trophies given during the award ceremony have differing designs and sizes, depending on which cup was beaten. Players can avoid them by turning around them or jumping. It takes away bananas from all the racers and gives them to the user. Intially announced for release on the Nintendo GameCube with support for the bongo controller, it was released for the Wii in mid-late 2007 in Japan and North America and early 2008 in Europe and Australia. The effect of the item remains the same regardless if a Kong or Kremling used it. It has an average score of 43.94% from 32 reviews on GameRankings and an average of 46 based on 34 reviews on Metacritic. GameSpot and IGN gave it 4.5 out of 10 each, and GamePro was the harshest by calling it "the worst game of 2007". Players that run into one causes the barrel to blow up, as well as anything adjacent to it. Intially announced for release on the Nintendo GameCube with support for the bongo controller, it was released for the Wii in mid-late 2007 in Japan and North America and early 2008 in Europe and Australia. A small twister. In Donkey Kong 64, all Barrel Cannons look like Blast Barrels, even though only a few actually act like them. A special red Launcher Barrel. A vulture that flies around high in the sky, and it rams into a racer it sees. It flies to the opponent in front of the user and tosses out their bananas onto the race track. Some examples are Golden Bananas, barrels, and Launcher Barrels.