FUNNY FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM NAMES Remember the Titans Kaepernick Swag Gisele's Bundchens Mr. UGG Boots Brady Gaga The Brady Bunch Call Me the Brees No Romo Mariota Had a Little Lamb Super Mario-ta The JPP Fireworks Incident You Down With JPP? Picking the right fantasy football team name can be a tedious and at times stressful process. Fresh Prince Of Helaire That’s Helairious Clyde And Go Seek. The first step when you join any fantasy football league is to choose a great name — usually, one that’s funny or clever. Sign up for FanDuel Sportsbook today and get your first bet risk free for up to $500! 2020 FANTASY SLEEPERS:6 QBs | 16 RBs | 14 WRs | 10 TEs | 5 D/STs | One from each team. Either way, you're in the right place if you're looking to start your season off right! ), MORE FANTASY FOOTBALL:Auction values | IDP Rankings | Projections | Mock draft simulator, Seventh Tevin/Tevin Can Wait/I've Died And Gone To Tevin/Stairway To Tevin, (see above and replace “Tevin” with “Evans”), (see above and replace “Tevin” with “Devin”), Drake It Til You Make It (or Fake it Til You Drake It), Don't 'Nuk It Til Your Try It/'Nuk Three Times/'Nuk 'Nuk Joke, Going 'Nuklear/'Nuklear Option/'Nuklear Blast, Thick Of The Hunt/In The Hunt/Big-Game Hunting, Goff Button/Turn Your Head And Goff/Cover Your Goff, Home Sweet Mahomes/Never Leaving Mahomes/Stay At Mahomes, Wilson Phillips (Just draft Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers, and Phillip's not hard), Head In The Sanders/Belt Sanders/Quick Sanders/Sanders Castles, Johnson And More Johnson (since there's a good chance people will draft David and Duke), Crowder Control/Capacity Crowder/Sold Out Crowder/Three's a Crowder, We’ll Always Have Parris/Last Tango In Parris, Doyled Alive/Doyling Point/Bring To A Doyle, Life's A Mitch/Son Of A Mitch/Mitch Please (and so on), Gus Station/Gus Stop/Back Up the Gus/Get on the Gus. Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Kerryon My Wayward Son9. A good team name won’t make or break your fantasy football season, but it can salvage it. In ways, it can set the tone for your team's whole season. © 2020 Minute Media - All Rights Reserved, 20 best fantasy football team names from last season. Baby's Got Dak2. We all know what really matters -- what can make or break your season and determine if it's successful before the first down of football is played in  2020 -- is whether you come up with a funny or creative fantasy football team name. Luck Beat a Brady Tonight19. Vinnie Iyer, Jordan Heck, Tony Fortier-Bensen, Jacob Camenker, Billy Heyen and Ellis Williams all contributed to this article. Zeke and Destroy17. You still have to worry about first-round picks tearing their ACLs and other starters being taken out near the goal, but now you also have to worry about a dude going on the COVID-19 reserve list the morning of a game. 50 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names for 2020 NFL Season 1. We already know this season is going to be crazy, which is saying something since fantasy football seasons are always crazy. Oh Saquon You See13. Ruggs and Tug. The $500 Million Dollar Man is ready to defend his Super Bowl Trophy. Fantasy Football 2020: Funniest Team Names and Mock Draft Strategy at Key Spots Kristopher Knox @ @kris_knox. The first requirement for a successful NFL fantasy football season is a clever, funny, witty team name, but sometimes it's hard to come up with one that best fits your personality and style. Best Fantasy Football Team Names for 2020. While folks may change their team name from year to year, more often than not, the league name lives on. You see that very good, very lovely and amusing names we have tried to reach you, and you will love I hope that the name of your team can be perfect and very good Hi if you decided to share the names of all … Not all of our player-name puns are winners. 20. For every "Chark Week" there's a "Cute As a Sutton." While the strategies and player selections recommended in his articles are his personal views, he may deploy different strategies and player selections when entering contests with his personal account. After all, the best team names tend to be inside jokes or possibly offensive material that we can't put here, so you're on your own for those. Just, you know, be careful you don't get canceled or anything because people aren't screwing around in 2020.