Through my interactions with so many customers, I am constantly learning from them and improving my knowledge and ability to help more people. I started in General Merchandise after I transferred to UTSA and I’ve been here ever since. I grew up here in San Antonio and I love the fact that it is a large city, but without the hustle and bustle of Houston or Dallas. There’s no place like it! Everyday after work I go out to Selma right behind Retama Race Track and ride. It makes me love coming to work every single day. It was great to be part of the planning team and to witness 1,800 of our Leaders hearing about it for the first time. The biggest difference between working at H-E-B and another grocery store is the great communication with Leadership and there are a lot more customers. A week after completing the internship, I had the opportunity join the team. Last week, I walked three different warehouses in three different cities, talking through a new project that’s going to be launching. That is not something that I have found at a lot of other companies. If I had to describe H-E-B in one word, I would say, “wonderful.”  It is a wonderful place to work and a wonderful place to shop. I am in charge of our seasonal items and how we merchandise them—and sometimes we have to get creative. San Antonio is a great community and there’s so much to do both in the city and beyond. H-E-B Partners are supportive of one another and work together to achieve their goals. Part of what made that project so special was getting to know the Partners in our ice cream plant. I get to cook right in the store while explaining to customers over a mic what it is that I’m preparing. It's a job. I was excited about this role because it gave me an opportunity to move back into a leadership position and to coach and mentor Partners every day. We have a lot going on in E-Commerce! As the Product Owner for Coupons, it is my job to prioritize the technical enhancements needed to make things better and faster for our customers. I loved it but I wanted to move to a different side of the business where I could continue to grow my career. I moved to San Antonio in 2007. I prepare all of the sides for the day and put them in the oven, then I get the line ready for the meats. I could be at a store observing a current process or change we made. Here, people are at the heart of every decision made and everything we do – no store cares more. I interned at H-E-B in the summer of 2015 and I was hooked on the company right off the bat. And many of my co-workers have done the same—and that’s what’s so cool about being with a company like H-E-B for so long—you are one big family and you get to watch life happen together. I’ve lived in many different states and cities across the US, but Texas and San Antonio always felt like home. People matter and that’s reflected in the idea of our Partners – you’re more than what you do. The culture is what I like best about the city—and H-E-B is a big part of that. They offer great benefits and the culture is very family oriented—which is important when you have 5 kids! We’re designing our stores and facilities to save energy and reuse materials wherever possible. During my time at H-E-B, I have had the opportunity to open up some of our convenience stores, True Texas Taco stores, and a SoFlo Pizza. Serving the communities hit by the hurricane was a very special time for me. H-E-B opened a food hall in one of its stores in Austin, Texas, on Monday, according to a company announcement. Every day there is someone new to talk to and something new to do. It’s a very rewarding feeling! H-E-B is a caring company. You have to learn the part numbers for trucks, refrigerator units, tires, tractor trailers, and mules­—way more than just one vehicle. My job is never boring or repetitive. Reuse. We are all committed to customer service and helping people out. In my four years at H-E-B, I’ve never experienced anything like the sense of pride in company and community that I see here. I love working for company that encourages and allows its employees to spend time giving back. I started my H-E-B Career working dispatch for our Drivers and then moved on to recruiting. I knew that I wanted to go back to school and finish my degree, and I wanted to have a career – someplace with purpose, with work that was important to me. The work itself has a vibe that feels like a family, versus strictly a business. It isn’t every day that you’re given the opportunity and resources to help volumes of people that quickly. Here, we think like the customer, not about the customer. Even though I haven’t been here long, it’s evident in the number of years people stay with the company. It really is more than a store. My meat came out looking just like the Pit Mater’s himself and I didn’t have any downtime. When I moved to San Antonio and started a family, my wife, who was from here, encouraged me to work for H-E-B. Based on my own experience, I already knew H-E-B had the best produce around and there was a lot of growth in the company. Plus, it is located in a wonderful city. Over Christmas break, they gave me a tour of some of the facilities and I learned of the Associate Team Leader (ATL) Program—their leadership development program— and I knew this is where I needed to be and what I wanted to do. Then we pick up our fresh and frozen truck and organize and rotate product. Developer – and encouraged me to apply. Our corporate headquarters are situated on the banks of the San Antonio River, and I like taking my lunch outside and enjoying the beauty of the River Walk and downtown San Antonio. The problem is … When I started at H-E-B, I was an Administrative Assistant in the Advertising Department. After graduating in 2008, I spent over five years with that same company I interned with. My career with H-E-B has been spent as an Order Selector because I found my passion here, I truly love my job. This is something that’s very near and dear to my heart because I grew up in Brownsville, so everything has come full circle for me, so to speak. I’ve had the honor of meeting Charles Butt, which was one of the coolest experiences of my career. A couple months later, I started leading our mobile app team and shopper marketing teams. We are usually hanging out at a family barbecue, or going someplace like The Cove where we can get a good meal and the kids can play on the playground. H-E-B is a great company to work for, I’ve been here almost ten years and I’ve never regretted a minute of it! Watching the way that H-E-B went above and beyond to provide aid, assistance and support to all affected has been one of the highlights of my career. For example, when a team needs to know what items are at which warehouse and the current average cost and status of the product, we are the ones who get that info to them. Also, our corporate office backs up to the Riverwalk and it’s exciting to be able to run downtown in the morning – it’s the most peaceful time of day. A friend made the move to H-E-B first and told me that I should join. It’s a special place to be. HEB Grocery Company, LP operates a chain of supermarkets. When I am not on the road, my family is my priority. Plus, we have access to libraries and courses so we can continue to build our skill set, and research new technologies and trends. H-E-B has been my university. Nowhere was that more evident than during Hurricane Harvey, when everyone at the corporate level dropped what they were doing and went to work in the stores, bagging groceries, collecting carts, picking up trash--whatever needed to be done, they all pitched in and did it.