4. 1. vigor (lengths, wg = 0.7, wu = 0.3, Unif = 1) Arguments. A non-viable seed, therefore, is one which fails to germinate even under optimal conditions, including treatments for the removal of dormancy. The vigor index ranged A widely accepted definition of vigour is ‘the sum total of those properties of the seed that determine the potential level of activity and performance of the seed during germination and seedling emergence’ (Perry, 1978, 1980). Seeds are central to crop production, human nutrition, and food security. lengths: A data.frame object containing seedling lengths data with four columns. Usage. The third is the shoot length and the fourth is the root lenght. In theory, seed germination, vigour and size (three aspects of seed quality) may influence crop yield through both indirect and direct effects. The definition includes dormant but viable seeds, in which case the dormancy must be broken before viability can be measured by germination. (Vigour/Vigor) To understand vigour we should look at the definition of germination. The vigor index was divided into growth and uniformity parameters with each component having a minimum value of 0 and a maximum value of 1000. A magnified portion of Figure 2 to illustrate subsequent software analyses. The indirect effects include those on percentage emergence and time from sowing to emergence. A key component of the performance of crop seeds is the complex trait of seed vigour. Seed vigour, chilling method, seed source, collection year, and germination temperature were all found to have significant interactions with stratification. Figure 3. Seed vigor definitions AOSA: those seed properties which determine the potential for rapid, uniform emergence, and development of normal seedlings under a wide range of field conditions. These influence yield by altering plant population density, spatial arrangement, and crop duration. Giga-fren For example, knowledge of seed vigour , the ability of a seed to germinate and withstand environmental stresses, is of vital importance to growers. Although this is commonly observed, seed vigour has proven difficult to define precisely. But not all viable seeds have enough vigor to carry on and produce good, healthy plants. Probably no other component of seed quality has been the subject of as much controversy and misunderstanding as seed vigour. However, the seed lot 4 was inferior among other lots with respect to most of the seed … Although the complex underlying mechanisms of seed vigour have not been fully described, much progress has been made in our understanding of the phenomenon and its practical consequences. Seeds that germinate are viable. (Biology) the capacity for survival or strong healthy growth in a plant or animal: hybrid vigour. The first and second columns are for identification, e.g. It calculates the Seed Vigor Index (Sako, 2001). subsequent automated seed vigor index analysis. weight of seedlings (o.580g), seedling vigour index(54.15) and field emergence (80.3%), followed by seed lot 2 (Table1). treatments and repetitions.