Japanese anemones are very easy to grow whether from seed or plant; and are ideal for the beginner gardener. This Anemone a profuse blooming hybrid, showing off rose pink, semi-double flowers in early fall. From July to October, well after most other plants have finished blossoming, Japanese anemone continues to flower profusely with lovely blossoms of white, pink and purple. Flower: Violet Japanese Anemone For Sale | Anemone 'Wild Swan™ Wild Swan Anemone offers prolific blooms that open to reveal stunning snow white flowers with a violet blue reverse. Japanese anemone for sale online to create a vibrant and cheerfully colourful garden. The stunning show goes on and on, outperforming many Japanese anemone hybrids with flowers that do not re-seed, making them ideal for any landscape setting with partial shade. White Japanese Windflowers Japanese windflowers or Japanese Anemone (Anemone x hybrida). From summer to autumn they have tall flower spikes with clusters of stunning flowers at the end. Description: A spreading clump forming perennial that forms a base of deep green foliage. We supply the following Japanese hybrids Anemone Honorine Jobert and Anemone Serenade both suitable for partly shady gardens or borders. Buy Fall in Love™ Sweetly Japanese Anemone online. The late blooming time of this plant is excellent for gardeners interested in providing a food source for pollinators. Japanese anemone, otherwise known as Japanese Windflower, is a long flowering garden plant. Spring items available for order Jan. 2021. With a quick spreading habit Japanese anemone plants are perfect for filling the back of borders, flowering from August to October. Although they are native to China they have been naturalised in Japan for 100’s of years hence the common name. Anemone coronaria double Governor (25 bulbs/pkg - Ships Oct thru June) 2AN070 Anemone coronaria double Lord Lieutenant (25 bulbs/pkg - Ships Oct Japanese anemone for sale – Easy plant to grow, mostly grown for the ornamental flowers and for the leaves, planting in spring to autumn, better to buy bulbs, plant or another option to start from seeds yet more challenging. Anemone - Loreley - Japanese Anemone Item Number: 89-270. Japanese Anemone. With tall stately flowers late into spring in white or pink, Japanese Windflowers come in a number of varieties such as the white flowering Anemone x hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert’ a single flowering cultivar, ‘Bowles Pink’ with its pretty pink flowers. Japanese Anemones are among the finest most sought after late summer flowering plants, blooming generously from August to October with masses of flowers in white, pink or mauve on tall freestanding branches. Japanese Anenome.