The base life expectancy data comes from Statistics Canada's Life Tables of 2009 to 2011 which indicate "life expectancy at age x" for both males and females. 2) Select the corresponding divisor. If you want a quick, easy estimate, simply look up your current age using the online life expectancy calculator from the Social Security Administration. If your benefi ciary is older than you, you cannot use joint life expectancy. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each of your IRAs. The Uniform Lifetime Table is used to calculate lifetime RMDs. Joint Life Expectancy Table to Calculate Minimum Required 401k Distributions (MRDs) Withdrawing Penalty Free Distributions from your IRA (Individual Retirement Account) Sitemap. 5. Welcome to – A Complete Resource On Important 401k Retirement Plan Topics such as Rollovers, Roth IRA Accounts, Contribution Limits, Hardship Withdrawals, Self-Employed 401k and more! Ordinary Joint Life and Last Survivor Annuities - Two Lives - • Page 16 • To determine your remaining joint life expectancy: 1) Find your age in the column on the left and go across until you fi nd your benefi ciary’s age from the top row. 6. Divide line 1 by the number entered on line 4. If you turn age 70 ½ after 2019, your RMDs generally must begin after age 72. Their periodic life table will estimate your remaining years of life expectancy and help you calculate if you should take social security early (at age 62), or hold off till age 70 to receive more each month. There are three life expectancy tables used for RMDs: the Uniform Lifetime Table, the Joint and Last Survivor Table, and the Single Life Table. Latest … Sometimes referred to mortality tables, death charts or actuarial life tables, this information is strictly statistical. Life Expectancy Tables Actuarial Life Tables. The Joint Life and Last Survivor Expectancy Table is also used by (some) retirement account owners to determine lifetime RMDs for their own accounts (as opposed to post-death RMDs from inherited IRAs). This information has been provided by the US Census and Social Security Administration. Easiest Life Expectancy Calculator . However, comparatively few retirement account owners actually qualify to use the table because, in order to do … 2012 Individual Annuity Reserving Report & Table The SOA’s Payout Annuity Table Team (Team), as requested by the NAIC’s Life Actuarial Task Force (LATF), produced a new annuity valuation mortality table, including the projection scales and margins necessary to make the table suitable for standard valuation purposes for individual annuities. The Joint Life And Last Survivor Expectancy Table For Much-Younger Spouse RMDs. This is $ your required minimum distribution from this year from this IRA. Life expectancy from at the intersection of your and your spouse ’s ages. Table II IRA Required Minimum Distribution Worksheet If your ... 4. It does not take into consideration any personal health information or lifestyle information. MAN.