The newly built railroad made it possible to ship smaller-dimensioned lumber to the treeless prairie, and the new technologies of sawmills, drying kilns, and mass-produced nails helped promote a new construction system called stick framing. A classic timber frame is as practical and beautiful today as it has been for centuries. We each need to have a full set of timber framing tools, work clothing, all of our videography equipment (including the drone, just in case) and Jesse’s chiropractic tools since he’s in rehab for an ongoing back issue. Packing for The Timber Frame Workshop. We believe this is the most accessible timber frame course online: PDF Cut Sheets for a 24' x 24' Timber Frame, 12+ Hours of Recorded Video Curriculum, Private Alumni-Only Facebook Group, 10% off Shelter Tool Store, all for $800. In North America in the 1830s, settlers migrating west needed a way to build quickly with unskilled labor. This was a fantastic start; for a year or more, I would pour over the books learning as much as I could – general principals, how forces move through the timber, how the joinery was executed. of traditional timber framing. One book in particular, A Timber Framer’s Workshop by Steve Chappell, stood out, giving me the most detailed Go from knowing nothing about timber framing, to being confident & competent! Packing was something of great concern to us since we’re not just packing a bag of clothing each. Stick Framing. Timber Framing vs.