But Oak Park is home. 1,731 sqft. Concerning education, it is a rather short walk to access primary as well as high schools from any location in this neighborhood. “I think it’s important they be active and vocal about these issues and make them clear to UC Davis.”. The main artery through the new subdivision was Sacramento Avenue, a 100 foot wide boulevard for both wagons and streetcars, now known as Broadway. Now it’s $1,100. But residents are skeptical that they will be able to get the jobs, especially if they are in the medical, technology and science fields. Hip black guys with beards read poetry and listened to Bob Dylan and blues. mgr. “If they do invite us to the table, they’re not talking to us,” Phillips said. The Measure U money they were going to use was from the sales-tax increase voters approved in 2018, estimated to bring in about $50 million a year largely to uplift disadvantaged neighborhoods. “It sounds like a pie-in-the-sky thing,” said Bill Motmans of the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association. In addition, UC Davis officials say they are planning to hire a significant number of neighborhood residents for the jobs, decreasing the need for new housing for newcomers. I remember putting pennies and nails on the streetcar tracks that traveled down 2nd Avenue and rode the streetcar to downtown many times. created one for the Major League Soccer stadium in the Railyard. The idea is to take a portion of the new tax money the development would normally generate for the city budget and redirect it toward paying for needed infrastructure improvements at the site, Guerra said. Although it’s not a city project and no city money has gone toward it, it will still have a significant impact on city residents, Guerra said. Restoration of the Guild Theatre and Lewis Building were early signs of Oak Park’s recovery, but the current recession has stalled development just as it did in the 1890s. Just as Oak Park asserted its new cultural identity as an African American neighborhood, it was cut off from the rest of town by the construction of Interstate 50 and Highway 99. including the Alice Waters food institute, Caravan protest in Sacramento seeks community investment, accountability of the wealthy, Farm-to-table pioneer Alice Waters opening food institute in Oak Park’s Aggie Square, UC Davis seeks out real estate developers for its Aggie Square project near Oak Park, Coronavirus may cause a $90 million hit to Sacramento’s budget. Guadalupe Del Angel-Garcia moved into her North Oak Park apartment 14 years ago. I wish I could find more about it…, I’m rewriting about my college years and recall working int he basement of a large department store at Christmas time as Santa Claus in 1964. Changed my life… don Monkerud, please email me at monkerud@cruzio.com, Don, you might be thinking of the Belmonte Gallery: http://www.midtownmonthly.net/art/memories-of-belmonte/. I went to Oak Ridge Elementary then Peter Lassen Jr High and although I liked the community in whole, I hated the bullying everyday by the black kids! This grove became the neighborhood park, and the terminus of the Central Street Railway streetcar line, also owned by Alsip’s firm, which connected Oak Park to downtown Sacramento. The first phase of the project is expected to bring 3,600 new jobs to the site at Stockton Boulevard and Second Avenue, not counting construction jobs. Oak Park Theatre was owned,(at time) by Cy Graves. Even with the assurances in place, Guerra encouraged residents to keep raising concerns. Through the fog of memory I still believe it was the most incredible place to be a kid. E-mail (will not be published) (required), http://www.midtownmonthly.net/art/memories-of-belmonte/, Describe the Capitol City you Remember... - City-Data Forum, A Conversation with Fred and Victoria Dalkey, Lights Out: Sacramento’s Lost Movie Houses, Case Study: A 1953 Bigsby Electric Mandolin, People of Sacramento commenting on the news: Paul Mitchell – Sacramento Journalism Review. In 2018, the university set up a Community Engagement Advisory Committee to ensure public input. Alsip’s subdivision was not immediately successful. Before joining The Bee in 2018, she covered local government at newspapers in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. Although the housing planned to be built on site would only accommodate about 8% of the new jobs created in Phase 1, if current neighborhood residents get those jobs, less new housing will be needed to accommodate newcomers, Segar pointed out. The old State fairgrounds and the Sacramento Junior museum. The streetcar was originally horse-drawn; in 1891 horses were replaced by electric trolleys. EVERYTHING WAS CREDIT FOR THE MOST PART AS IT WAS DURNG THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND CARRIED ON FOR SEVERAL YEARS FOLLOWING. The only site/article I have found, has a number of stores, but certainly not complete. One of Seabron’s partners in this project was Robert Tyler, the leader of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) in the 1960s, Executive Director of the Sacramento City and County Human Rights Commission, and a founder of the National Association of Black Social Workers. ‘Sacramento Blvd’ was all I ever knew..was out of area by the time it became ‘MLK’. In 1887, real estate developer Edwin Alsip subdivided the 230-acre William Doyle ranch into 56 whole and partial blocks and gave the subdivision the name “Oak Park,” named after an eight-acre oak grove at its center. The only new housing that will be built at Aggie Square, according to the report, will be 285 apartments for students at $1,900 a month. Early advertising boasted “No City Taxes!” but this also meant no city services, like water or sewers. “I think (residents) should be worried,” Guerra said. Was that ‘Hamburger stand’ across from the market? The California was owned by T&D theatres and managed by Kay Naify. Me and my 4 brothers and sisters (the Wakefields) grew up on 14th Ave & 41st St, but after my great-aunt, Anna Kirchgater,(a teacher and principal at Anna Kirchgater Elementary School),passed away, my uncle sold the property and the new owner built a HUGE CHURCH on the property. 1ba. I lived with my parents over on 34th st across from the library. Did it have a name? As I recall, the floor behind the meat display case was covered with sawdust. Who is ready to break ground?”. California. HE OPENED HIS MARKET ON APRIL 1, 1919 AND CLOSED HIS MARKET IN THE YEAR 1966.2949 35TH ST. WAS THE ADDRESS AND WAS JUST A FEW DOORS DOWN TOWARD MCCLATCHY PARK, FROM THE CALIFORNIA THEATRE. Moreover, this part of Sacramento is a good place in which to go out to eat or go to a cafe. “I don’t know what form that will take, but we embrace the fact the community needs a more formal voice,” Segar said. As economic conditions continued to improve in the early 1900s, so did the area. Hope you or family read this. woah. Author’s note: Much of the information in this article was taken from a walking tour of Oak Park created by Sacramento State University geography professor Robin Datel. The other asst.mgr. I started as a ‘poster changer boy’ and later became a asst. Three years ago, her rent was about $800 a month. But even before the virus struck, the process UC Davis set up for public engagement on Aggie Square was sorely lacking, some say. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. I would hang out at the vacant lot next to the Coca Cola bottling company. Guadalupe Del Angel-Garcia moved into her North Oak Park apartment 14 years ago. BLODGETTS ICE CREAM PARLOR WAS PRESENT, JIM BOWEN HARDWARE, COHEN’S BAR, BOONES’ STORAGE AND TRNSFER ETC. This period was from 1941. Oak Park. In 1970, the shooting of a police officer resulted in the arrest of four Sacramento Black Panther Party members, known as the Oak Park Four, who were acquitted after an eight month trial. Do any of you remember when it was called “SACRAMENTO BLVD”? A report released in July revealing plans for housing caused those fears to grow. First, there will be thousands of construction jobs. 3bd. Jetzt entdecken! Those could include a program focusing on stem cell manufacturing, which will hire people with associates degrees as lab technicians through partnerships with local community colleges such as Sacramento City College, he said. The EIFD would make it more likely for Mercy Housing to be able to build 200 new housing units on long-vacant land at Stockton Boulevard and Lawrence Drive, said Stephan Daues of Mercy Housing. Central Oak Park, Sacramento, CA. The California State Fairgrounds was moved to Stockton Boulevard, an area on the east side of Oak Park, and another streetcar line was added, c… about the city’s affordable housing trust fund. Will those efforts work? But problems that accompany poverty increased. OAK PARK PARADES WERE ALWAYS POPLAR DURING 4TH OF JULY. By 1909, Oak Park businesses began a move to incorporate Oak Park as part of Sacramento, with broad neighborhood support, and in 1911, Oak Park and other nearby neighborhoods were annexed to the City of Sacramento. I became a resident of Oak Park in 2007.