Your work is interesting.keep it up but I will need more update. ii. WAEC Biology Practical Questions: Biology WAEC Expo Questions is out now on our website. Low Fees | No JAMB UTME. iii. Diabetes Permanent Solution! 7: Test for presence of albumin in urine. Mitosis in onion root tip cells and animals cells (grasshopper) from permanent slides. I will need Biology practical questions and answers. Biology syllabus. Identify the specimens labelled A to E ii. Your email address will not be published. 09036023683, I really need your help for biology practical questions pls. 4: Study of the rate of respiration in flower buds/Leaf tissue and germinating seeds. You will also understand how WAEC GCE Biology questions are set and many more examination details. In this article, I will be showing you past WAEC GCE Biology random repeated questions for free. 2: Specimens/slides/models and identification with reasons – Bacteria, Oscillatoria, Spirogyra, Rhizopus, mushroom, yeast, liverwort, moss, fern, pine, one monocotyledonous plant, one dicotyledonous plant and one lichen. General biology study guide. The Biology 3 Practical exam holds from 09:30 am to 11:30 am (1st Set) and from 12:00 noon to 02:00 pm (2nd Set). In this article, I will be showing you past WAEC Biology random repeated questions for free. Biology Questions and Answers Form 4; More than 5000 biology questions & answers for high school student. 1a) i. 2: Study of distribution of stomata in the upper and lower surface of leaves. Biology practice test questions/exam. Biology revision. State the role of each specimen you have identified. What’s your take on this? waec 2017 biology practical question pls. Waec biology practical 2020 questions and answers from specimen. WAEC Biology Practical Questions 2020 Latest Update. Your email address will not be published. Biology questions & answers. … In a year, over three million candidates registered for the exams coordinated by WAEC. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board that conducts the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, for University and Jamb entry examination in West Africa countries. Students must focus on the practical exam as it carries 30 marks. I NEED BIOLOGY & COMPUTER PRACTICALS ALSO AGRIC ESSAY & OBJ, Biology practical questions for 2017 waec pls and here is my phone number 08021219690, 07063541588.please I need the biology practical questions, plz i need bio practical questi on to practice. Make a labelled drawing 8-10 cm long of the lateral view of specimen G. iii. Amoeba, Hydra, liver fluke, Ascaris, leech, earthworm, prawn, silkworm, honeybee, snail, starfish, shark, rohu, frog, lizard, pigeon and rabbit. Biology. We believe this article was interesting right, if yes, don’t hesitate using our share button below to inform – friends and relation via Facebook and twitter. Students must read all the theories and concepts before appearing in the practical examination. Biology questions for high school students with answers. The Biology Practical Class 11 experiments are given here to help students score better on the exam. WAEC Biology Practical Questions: Biology WAEC Expo Questions is out now on our website. Biology quiz with answers. Students must learn these theories and concepts properly if they want to score good marks on their final exam. Thank you. b) Observe specimens F and G carefully and use them to answer the questions that follow. or 09094573563, What’sapp me the answers via +2348115668126, Pls I Need Biology Practical Answer B4 D Exam Start 08128161201, I need biology practical questions/answers. The syllabus of the practical examination for Biology class 11 is prepared by subject experts according to the latest syllabus of the Central Board of Secondary Education. Required fields are marked *. i. Classify specimens F and G under the headings phylum and class. Really interesting.. 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