Now, for a similar price point, you may want to check the Mexican-made. Buy on Amazon. These are modern, versatile pickups that can play hard rock as good as, You could go even more for the vintage sound, though, with a couple of period-correct. And by scale length, I mean the entire length of the vibrating part of the strings. The PRS SE Custom 22 is a gorgeous looking guitar with a stunning sound. It's warm, characterful and loaded with lengthy sustain, you can hear all the woods, and, like we say, there's welcome scope for fattening it up and thinning it down. You can check our previous review on the best humbuckers for further info. This model has certainly got its own vibe, and you won't hear that phrase too often in the £649 price bracket. Auf das Setup kommt es an! I was after something more modern, reliable and also with a little more top end bite. It’s a great companion for slower-paced music, so shredders should move along. A Stop tailpiece is a metal bar mounted behind the bridge to hold the strings tight. Whereas PRS guitars are quite expensive, the SE series is made in Korea, and so SE-series guitars are more affordable than their US counterparts. These are tight, precise, and good looking. The PRS 245 SE is precise, sturdy, light, and comfortable. BA1 1UA. It doesn't have the voluptuous arch of a Les Paul, but the classic singlecut materials of fat mahogany body and maple top are present and gorgeous, while the mahogany neck is set deep with a joint that looks built to last. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The pickup selector on this model has been moved from the butt to the upper bout, and the standard PRS dial-count of one volume, one tone is doubled. Good enough to record, and cheap enough to keep as your backing instrument at the back of the dangerous tour bus. Some players aren’t crazy about the distinctive sound of the PRS humbuckers, though, as they tend to linger too much on the vintage side with many amps. Still, the PRS SE 245 feels sturdy and looks beautiful. "If you're in the market for a singlecut electric, the 245 is gunning for your wallet.". MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. You can bend with confidence here as well, because the hardware will keep the tuning in check. This maple-topped mahogany body is a heavy beast, but it pays you back with tons of sustain. Shred wannabes should jog on. It doesn’t have the same voluptuous contour of a Les Paul, or the same single-cut materials of a fat mahogany top-value Epiphone Les Paul. Today, PRS guitars have passed through some of the most expert hands in the music industry, which include Ted Nugent, Mike Oldfield, Santana, John McLaughlin, and Zachary Myers. PRS guitars are premium stuff, well over the triple-zero mark. These are medium-output pickups that are made for high-gain, That said, you can play this guitar on clean and mix it with the, you want. All in all, the PRS SE 245 has one of the most versatile sounds in the market. Bath My trusty Gibson Les Paul Studio had just about bitten the dust (full story here). The bridge humbucker is the bass pickup, and so the sound is at the mid and low-frequency charts. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates. Physical performance? Now, for a similar price point, you may want to check the Mexican-made Fender Player Stratocaster, which is also an all-rounder comfortable guitar. It’s a standard pickup configuration, the one we’ve seen on countless guitars. Today, we’re reviewing the PRS SE 245, the first-ever 24.5’’ long-scale electric guitar from a brand that prefers building bulky all-rounders. Where this guitar shines, though, is in distortion. Together, the neck and the body make for a 24.5’’ long scale guitar with 22 medium jumbo frets. bezeichnen. It went above the traditional guitar size with a bulky 25’’ scale length. SE stands for the brand’s affordable line. It’s a great combo that makes this guitar maintain tuning and stability even during prolific live playing. Er zeigt einen leichten Versatz, was beim Bespielen der SE 245 aber keine besonders große Rolle spielen dürfte. PRS guitars are inspired by the Les Paul as most are have a single-cutaway plus an arched top. It’s not a light guitar, for all that matters, and the neck feels a bit bloated. The result is, as PRS intended, a guitar that’s built for maximum comfort instead of speed. It’s a “budget” PRS, though, because this is a brand that offers mostly premium instruments for the professional musician. PRS guitars offer some of the widest necks and lengthier bodies in the industry. Where this guitar pulls ahead - in our opinion - is with the distortion. The headstock sports Paul Reed Smith’s signature plus a highlighted SE designation. Today, we’re reviewing the PRS SE 245, the first-ever 24.5’’ long-scale electric guitar from a brand that prefers building bulky all-rounders.