He also holds a BSc First Class Hons Degree in Music Technology. I am very happy I chose the M3 over the SM57. SM57 and SM7B SM57 vs Beta 57A. The modified Rode NT-1 is sublime on vocals and acoustic instruments. I dropped it more than once, but because of its solid built, i found no dent on the grill,or any malfuctions what soever. The Rode M3 is a very flexible microphone. I also use a matched pair of Rode M5’s, Shure SM57 (for live didgeridoo and recording some brighter acoustic guitars), Shure SM58 (mostly for live vocals), Neumann KSM105 (mostly for live vocals) and Audix Fireball V (for human beatboxing). Comparing Rode NT1 vs Shure SM27 . Marc Henshall. I was looking to get a Shure SM57, for acoustic guitar, when this mic caught my attention. You (probably) can’t handle a RODE NT1-A as you would with a Shure SM58. I've got AT2020 and SM57. Rode M1 vs Shure SM58. Do people think that there is a noticeable quality difference between the M3 and SM57 in terms of recording guitar, thus making it foolish to try and get both jobs done with the M3? Can any of you share your opinion about The alternative to the SM57 is Røde M3, but note that the M3 is rather big and bulky (similar to a handheld wireless). It works great for studio work, and in a live environment. And it would certainly be an ideal first microphone for anyone setting up a new project studio on a tight budget, but with the need to record a wide range of sources in reasonable quality. Marc forms part of our Pro Audio team at Shure UK and specialises in Digital Marketing. Hi, I'm going to buy a SDC. I'm considering buying M3, but M5 MP let me think twice. The Shure SM57, the Sennheiser MD421 and the Neumann KM184 would be the top three on my list — but the Rode M3 could become another: it is that impressive. On evilbay 57's go for $40. I buy just the Rode M3 and use it for both vocals and guitar (the option I am more attracted to). When not at work he enjoys playing the guitar, producing music, and dabbling in DIY (preferably with a good craft beer or two). At the time, they were both the same price.