The world of Latin music is having a truly global moment right now. development of Afro-Caribbean music (roughly) from 1960 to the end of the 20th century. With "China," "Tusa" marks Karol G's second nomination in the Record Of The Year category this year. The most complete of all Latin music genres, salsa delivers a poignant chronicle of the Latin American experience in all its beauty and endless contradictions. It developed largely in New York City beginning in the 1940s and ’50s, though it was not labeled salsa until the 1960s; it peaked in popularity in the 1970s in conjunction with the spread of Hispanic cultural identity. Salsa, hybrid musical form based on Afro-Cuban music but incorporating elements from other Latin American styles. Salsa is the product of various Cuban musical genres including the Afro-Cuban son montuno, guaracha, cha cha chá, mambo, and Puerto Rican plena and bomba. Some of the greatest salsa songs produced in history are memorable works from top artists in this genre. The intensity of these sounds is likely to take your breath away. The band, founded in 1954, has released several dozen albums over their 55-year career. Whether you like salsa from Puerto Rico, New York or Colombia, this top 10 compilation touches a broad spectrum of sounds from music pioneers like Joe Cuba and contemporary artists like Marc Anthony.. Salsa represents the ongoing evolution and assimilation of a variety of styles which have traveled from Cuba and Puerto Rico to New York, Miami, and elsewhere. As artists outside of the Latin music scene are wanting in on the movement, "Tusa" remains one of the best and most stellar cross-genre team-ups of the year. Salsa music is a popular dance music genre that initially arose in New York City during the 1960s. Play the latest new releases, popular artists and songs in Salsa, or pick your own favorites from a library of millions of songs. An institution in salsa music, La Sonora Ponceña has been shaping the sounds of the genre since the 1950s, and "Yambeque" is one of the top salsa songs this Puerto Rican band has ever produced.