Rub and cover the rest of the ham with the curing mix. These slits are needed because you have to pack extra salt around the joint so the fluid will draw out. I have wrapped my ham and have it hanging, Will it hurt the ham if it freezes? If ham is ready to be smoked, thoroughly rinse off the salt and pat dry before smoking. : “SHLIVOVITZ” was being cooked in “Steel”. Now that’s some stinky old salty ham. Salt inhibits the growth of microorganisms by drawing water out of microbial cells through osmosis. If not properly preserved, the ham would decompose rapidly. Once the ham is cured, it can be smoked, cooked or frozen for later cooking. A fresh ham is exactly that, a ham fresh from the hog. Here on the homestead, cured hams are just one of the products we make from our own hogs. Californians are funny like that). Simply put, uncured ham has not been cured with sodium nitrites. A old country boy from kentucky, me, says y’all make to much out of this. October when weather starts cooling off, git your ham, a big bag of curing salt, an old feed sack or burlap bag that a little air can circulate in. Add a teaspoon of distilled vinegar to a medium-sized, over-salted cooked ham before heating it. You will bake covered in the oven at 275 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit until the thermometer reads 155 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. And, do I need to refrigerate the ham after it has smoked? We skin our wild hogs. If you'd like to serve the ham in slices, we recommend soaking the slices in cold water for an hour up to 12 hours in the refrigerator. When you finish cooking, the internal temperature will be between 145 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. (You can also simmer the ham slice in a little water in the frying pan, remove the water, then continue cooking. Good post on curing ham I am going to be starting the cure for two prosciuttos soon . ~Melissa. Salt-curing ham is one way to preserve the meat while adding a distinct flavor. This question often comes down to the nitrites added to cured ham. Thank You for bringing those memories back. Please get back to me! Saltpetre has long been banned from food production in most countries due to the health risk, sodium nitrite is a much safer alternative. At each joint, cut slits down to the bone. Score the remaining fat and run the knife through the remaining fat layer. Vacuumed sealed and unopened cooked ham will also last two weeks in the refrigerator or one to two months in the freezer. Do you have a recipe on how to smoke cure a ham. Now, what does uncured ham mean? Is Salt Curing the Same as Dry Curing a Ham? For more self-reliance and homesteading tips from Lee go to Lohrey, J., “How to Cook Uncured Smoked Ham,” Livestrong, October 3, 2017;, last accessed July 11, 2018. You will need to put forth a little more effort when it comes to cooking a fresh, raw uncured ham. Like cheese, almost all have mold growing on them. This is the first year we have had hogs! There are two joints, the H-bone (hip) and the hock. Wish us luck!! At least, I think he did. Thanks. The salt/sugar mix adds color and flavor to the meat. Was that to store the ham after perserved. . Dry-cured hams are shelf stable. For the truest Southern dining experience, try our Uncooked Country Ham or Genuine Smithfield Ham packed in a traditional cloth sack. The mold is harmless but to the un-ham-educated, it looks like the meat is ruined. Roll out some biscuit dough, use a big mouth jar and make your biscuits (catheads). I plan on storing it in the freezer until prepared. It is used at … This includes poultry, fish, ham, bacon, luncheon meats, corned beef, pates, and other products. In uncured ham, it is cured with the celery mixture that also contains sea salt and parsley and beet extracts. My mom used to make dried cured beef and venison all the time. Salt cured hams are packed in salt/brine and left "out in the open" for 6 months or more. Home > Food Advice > Cured vs. Uncured Ham: Which Is Better? We don’t cure for this purpose anymore, but rather to give the ham a great flavor and color. For How long should the ham be smoked if we chose to smoke it. Slice some off. The Genuine Smithfield Ham is a world-famous country ham – aged, smoked, and dry cured with salt for 6-12 months. The color of … These carefully prepared hams make for the perfect gift or flavor-packed centerpiece for a special meal. This is where fresh ham is rubbed with a dry mixture of salt and other ingredients. Roast the ham until thermometer reads 150 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit. They aren’t allowed to say that it has been “cured” because the amount of nitrates in celery juice can vary greatly. Not going back, (4 seasons not 2). We use a dry rub cure to make the best-tasting hams possible. I want to bake it to help heat kitchen in 167 year old 2 story house. Ira. Not unless you cook it first. That means ya did it right. Once you have had a ham cured and smoked to perfection, you will never buy a store bought again. When Lee from Tennessee Homestead offered to teach me and you how to salt cure a ham I got all kinds of excited. The ham will reach room temperature, and therefore cook evenly during cooking. Cure No. Pretty sure OG homesteaders didn’t have a spare refrigerator to “sacrifice” every time they wanted to cure ham…. If your ham is too salty, dilution is a great way to remove some of the salty flavor. Well although I am not so worried about having a small amount of nitrates occasionally as I do not seem to react to them the limited times I have them, some of the other ingredients are very concerning. If not firm to the touch it is not ready to come out of the curing mix. Posted: (2 days ago) Country Ham History: Smithfield Olde World Cure Country Hams are smoked and dry salt cured like the Genuine Smithfield, but only aged for 3-6 months – a process used by the Indians and Colonial Virginia settlers. Cure for 18 days (or more – see recipe notes). How long to smoke the ham and at what temp? ( My uncle sent a Virginia ham back to his family in California once and they saw the mold and threw away a $60 perfectly good ham. Fresh, uncured ham is an unpreserved leg of pork, whereas cured ham is processed ham that is preserved through wet or dry curing that may include smoking. Remember the ham you buy at the grocery has already been cured and/or smoked. Does anyone else get giddy over these kinds of things? If freezing, slice the ham and freeze or freeze whole. In the last hour of cooking, for an optional glaze, you can use honey or maple syrup. You can also boil the cured ham until the thermometer reads 160 degrees Fahrenheit, which will be about 20 to 25 minutes per pound. Thank you for recipe!! Again thank you. Hi, awesome article! This dry rub mix recipe has been in my family and handed down for generations. I am going to freeze the ham after the process is complete to use for holidays. With a ham that's between 36 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, rinse in cold water and pat dry. Health Benefits and Side Effects…, Top 20 Antihistamine Foods that Help Fight Inflammation. Being able to preserve food with old-fashioned techniques, like salt curing pork, is a skill I find as fascinating as I do yummy. I cured a ham in my refrigerator, I had family. I’m 85 years old and always remember seeing red pepper when Mom and crew was curing the hams of fresh meat. Food Preservation, Food Preservation - Other, Miscellaneous, Recipes. Sources: I know those recipes that get handed down are because they're just that good. Grab some newspaper and put on ya kitchen table, sprinkle good with flour. I’m trying to cure two 45 lb hams. Rubbing salt over the exterior of a ham to cure the meat produces country ham, which is a Southern delicacy that originated in Smithfield, Virginia in 1902. All I could find is a whole(preferred, do not like half…) shoulder butt as they call it. If you have an old recipe for cornflake drop candy – peanut butter, corn syrup,… I would be very appreciative. Melissa K. Norris and Pioneering Today LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to “Ham and Food Safety,” United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service;, last accessed July 11, 2018. Where can I buy salt cure ham old fashion preservation? This is a process of coating the meat with a salt cure rub which draws out the moisture. Leave the tray in a cool place (such as a refrigerator or a cooler packed with ice) for 18 days at 36-40 degrees. Copyright 2020 - Melissa K. Norris Pioneering Today LLC. Cover the container with a lid or aluminum foil. That being said, when it comes to cured vs. uncured ham, which one should you get?