Many people believe that if they endure their suffering, they will be rewarded in the afterlife. Spirituality and aging: Research and implications. Structural functional perspective of religion begins with the work of “Emile Durkheim”. Sacred and profane 2. Journal of Religion, Spirituality & Aging, 20, 95–134. New York, NY: Routledge. To do so, he said, they needed first to recognize that their poverty stemmed from their oppression by the bourgeoisie. His analysis of religion is mentioned in his theory of “elementary forms of religion”. Once they are regarded as sacred, they take on special significance and give meaning to people’s lives. 17.3 Sociological Perspectives on Religion The Functions of Religion. The numbers of priests, deacons, and children involved will almost certainly never be known, but it is estimated that at least 4,400 priests and deacons in the United States, or about 4% of all such officials, have been accused of sexual abuse, although fewer than 2,000 had the allegations against them proven (Terry & Smith, 2006). Emerson, M. O., Monahan, S. C., & Mirola, W. A. Symbolic interactionists study the ways in which people practice their faith and interact in houses of worship and other religious settings, and they study how and why religious faith and practice have positive consequences for individual psychological and physical well-being. Explain your choice. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. It may give the answer which can support the current condition or challenge it. The Functionalist Perspective on Religion. Thirdly, every religion in this world have rituals. Religion has all of these benefits, but, according to conflict theory, it can also reinforce and promote social inequality and social conflict. Modern conflict theorist believe that, religion is source of conflict between the two groups. The nature and scope of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests and deacons in the United States: Supplementary data analysis. They think it is God’s will that they are poor, either because he is testing their faith in him or because they have violated his rules. These views offer different lenses through which to s tudy and understand society: functionalism, symbolic interactionism, conflict theory and feminist theory. Neither biblical nor just: Southern Baptists and the subordination of women. Gundy-Volf, J. The Protestants moral values became the values for the capitalism and which brought the progressive social change in society. Moberg, D. O. “Conflict perspective” view religion as the source of suppression for poor people. New York, NY: Free Press. (2008). Emile Durkheim explained three elements of religion in this theory. Due to religion people get better understanding of the world. This view of Weber make religion similar to science. Beliefs ( on supernatural power) (2011). (2009). This adaptation has not significantly altered or updated the original 2010 text other than renumbering. Weber believed that, religion is the search of the information and knowledge of the things which is unknown to the mankind. Terry, K., & Smith, M. L. (2006). Religion matters: What sociology teaches us about religion in our world. Religious faith and practice can enhance psychological well-being by being a source of comfort to people in times of distress and by enhancing their social interaction with others in places of worship. First, it gives people a common set of beliefs and thus is an important agent of socialization (see Chapter 2 “Socialization”). By this he meant that religion, like a drug, makes people happy with their existing conditions. And what will happen after death? It examines the role that religion plays in our daily lives and the ways in which we interpret religious experiences. Beliefs ( on supernatural power) 3. He was interested in analyzing the function of religion and he was also interested in the correlation of social change and religious change. Religion answer many questions which are beyond the intellect of human being to answer like; how the world came in to being? As the Puritans’ persecution of non-Puritans illustrates, religion can also promote social conflict, and the history of the world shows that individual people and whole communities and nations are quite ready to persecute, kill, and go to war over religious differences. We return to this function later. New York, NY: Free Press. Explain the views of religion held by the symbolic interactionist perspective. The origins of the civil rights movement: Black communities organizing for change.