By default, stories are shown in chronological order from newest to oldest based on their initial publish date (editing a story will not change its order). Microsoft Flow), to send notifications in a number of different ways to suit your users regardless of generation and technological awareness. 28 Jul 2019 • 3 min read. I have a problem with that the flow does not trigger for some users(free flow) It does not even show up as failed. Do you have a step before that first screenshot you have provided? Thanks so much for the great article. Thank you SO much Matt Weston – this works perfectly. This is where, I’m going to use the Promoted State metadata field to check whether I’m going to start notifying my users that I’ve posted something, or whether I’m going to stop processing any further. I have a lot more flexibility over how the notification is sent and structured meaning I can add some elements of design flair to my notification. How news posts notifications are determined. Note: You may see news in your personalized feed from a site you've recently visited only once. I only have one issue, images are not being included to the email, just a frame with a red X in it. You'll get a blank news post page ready for you to start filling out. Create the news post using the instructions Build the news post page. the headline, Link to Item – the link directly to the news item so my users can read more. Site offers document libraries on the SharePoint site where you can select images to use. Create and share news on your SharePoint sites, create and view news from the SharePoint mobile app for iOS, Learn about using web parts on SharePoint pages. Alerts/notifications for SharePoint site newsfeed webpart posts & replies. At the top of the SharePoint start page, click Create news post. This will now give me an idea of what I should be expecting to see when I receive my email notification: So now we have the start of a Flow which I can use to send out notifications to users only when my news post is published. Sending notifications to users when a SharePoint news item is posted is something which is commonly requested, both with clients and on the various tech forums which I frequent. DocRead for SharePoint helps ensure staff compliance by effortlessly requesting that staff read and agree with your policies and procedures in a fully trackable process. How to effectively manage SharePoint news – Part 1. You can choose between one of the following sources of the image: Recent Images returns images that you've recently used or added to the SharePoint site. What I am seeing now is every time a news is updated and reposted, the flow triggers the notification again. When you click on a notification, you are taken directly into the SharePoint mobile app to view the news article and all its data-rich, interactive content. Then select the drop down for the library name. Go to the page that has the news section you want to remove. Then, select a page template and start building the news post. It definitely makes sense, and there is a lot you can do, using Power Automate (aka. The SharePoint start page is accessed from the Microsoft 365 App Launcher when you select SharePoint. I would suggest creating a page property called “Original Publish Date” which should be set when the page is originally published. Never mind…. SharePoint will automatically take care of the setting of this field for me, so all I need to do is remember this field when I move across into Power Automate to create my notification Flow. I have checked the PromotedState of the new item and it is “2”, so not sure why it isn’t picking that up? One of the greatest business value features of a site newsfeed webpart would obviously be to know when people are participating, asking questions, etc. Use the News web part on a SharePoint page. In some cases, the thumbnail, title, and description of the link that makes up the preview is not available to automatically display. To see a list of all your news posts, See all in the upper right of the news section on the published page. How to get started with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps! You can keep your partners, team, and colleagues in the loop as well as engage them with important or interesting stories by using the News feature on your team site. Just to provide more info … Likewise, I can change the information provided in the notification, although we’ve identified the key properties such as Title, First Published Date, Description and Banner Image URL which are extremely useful to include with your notifications to provide context and that visual engagement factor. Note: Not available in SharePoint Server 2019. In SharePoint, you can add news posts from your SharePoint start page. Even if I publish the news post immediately, it will initially change to promoted state 1, and the to promoted state 2. In this demonstration, I’m going to send notifications immediately when a news post is published by using the “When a file is created or modified (properties only)” trigger. Posts can be reordered using the Organize feature in the News web part. I checked the Promoted state and it is 2, but I don’t receive the email. Once published, your news posts are stored in the Pages library of your site. Using Power Automate for SharePoint News Notifications, Replace Scheduled Tasks with Flow Recurrence. For SharePoint Server 2019, follow these steps: In the Quick Launch bar, click Pages, and then select the news item you want to delete. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. It does not change the order that the news post is in. Other than manually adding each email address (trying to avoid this as will then have to constantly add/remove email addresses). Whilst, this blog post refers to Power Automate, the same approach can be applied using Azure Logic Apps. Click + to add web parts such as text, images, video, and more. Hi Matt and Thank’s for the good article. This will republish your news page, so that anyone who can view your news post will see the changes.