The SC-CO 2 extraction, thus, serves as double functions of extraction and purification of avocado oil, which exhibits superior advantages in industrial extraction of avocado oil. Chemical extraction by solvents Organic solvent extraction is the most widespread. The greener solvent, ethyl acetate, was a reasonable substitute for other, more toxic solvents to extract avocado oil with 10 students reporting yields of 7.4−14.4% fat by weight (Figure 1). So we can called CPAO because of something like the process for EVOO. However this paper does not mention other variations of the main methods used in the past for avocado oil extraction (Human, 1987). Inspired by virgin olive oil extraction technology,cold pressed extraction could replace traditional solvent extraction method for avocado oil production to produce a virgin avocado oils for the edible oil market. Avocado was chosen for its high fat content (∼14%). ... Impact of polar bio-solvent, particle size and soaking time on microwave-assisted extraction of edible oil from black soybean. The extractability and oil quality of avocado oil can be affected by factors such as fruit ripeness and pulp moisture and its corresponding dying method. Solvent extraction of avocado oil became popular for producing refined avocado oil, used as a lubricant and particularly in the cosmetics industry. Semantic Scholar extracted view of "Enzymatic extraction of avocado oil" by M. Buenrostro et al. will focus in particular on Alfa Laval extraction plant, process parameters and oil quality. The average amount of fat obtained was about 14 ± 3 g of avocado oil per avocado. However, the solvent extraction method required significant further refinement and heating before the oil was ready for commercial use. A. E. Kate, A. Singh, N. C. Shahi, J. Pandey, T. Singh, O. Prakash;