Colored birds in a dream represent mixed actions. The swallow seen in a dream represents hope and the coming of Spring. Birds are messengers, and a dream with birds in it may be trying to get you to recognize some information that is flying around in your consciousness, just waiting to be recognized. Ibis The ibis, sometimes taken to be the stork, is the symbol of perseverance and of aspiration. This symbol also has an erotic meaning. Most people who have kept a dog have witnessed it bark while it is obviously dreaming. In some cases they will even respond to questions. Dead or injured birds, however, indicate either a halt to or a need to revise some of your plans for the future. If you dream of seeing a blackbird in your dream, then the next few months will be tedious as you move along in a rut. Dead or injured birds are an indication of coming worries unless they are birds of prey, in which case the worries will be short-lived. As such, consider what part of the past you’re retrieving for productive review. They can also fly directly to a location without the impediments of obstacles on the ground. Modern dream researchers suggest that anxiety is expressed by the presence of black birds, or a blackbird in particular, in dreams. It can also indicate that you do not feel the drive or determination to complete a task or achieve a goal. See also mouth under body; silence. This dream is sometimes a messenger and sign of good news. A group of birds can often symbolize yourself and the people in your life. One of Nature’s most fortunate omens. Is your partner possessive? Another possible interpretation of a hen is the metaphor 'hen-pecked,' which means being picked on. Spiritual freedom; ability to soar to higher awareness. If you dream of talking in general, you will soon be made aware of many small worries in your everyday affairs or you will hear of a near relatives problems. Classically, this dream also symbolizes the season of spring.... My Dream Interpretation. But the dream also indicates your desire to solve financial matters. Perhaps the bird is the dreamer himself and it reflects their desire for freedom and independence. Singing birds, sadness. To see bird eggs in your dream represents possible prosperity and wealth. To dream that you are flying a kite indicates that you are well-grounded despite your high aspirations and goals in life. Most likely you have grown out of the habit, if you ever had it, but if an occasion arises which is very stressful, we may, like Lady Macbeth, re- enact the nightmare in this way. The thieves, like magpies, denote adultery or any other threat. It may also imply that you are not being adequately compensated for your hard work. You may, however, be anxious about death and aging, and so it might also be a dream about immortality. Cock The cock is the symbol of a new day and of vigilance or watchfulness. Is the plumage a gorgeous display of vibrant color, or a disappointing shade of shabby brown? If a female bird sits in her lap in a dream, it means that she will beget a girl. It has a hard, pointy feature among otherwise non-threatening features thus it's giving you the heads up of impending trouble and hazard. Idioms: on speaking terms; know some­one to speak to; nothing to speak of; speak as one finds, speak for someone; speak out; speaks for itself; speak volumes, speak with forked tongue; speak one’s mind. Birds, in general, mean success. It is not necessarily the words that are important, more the sense of what is being said. As a result, birds were very often invested with magical and mystical powers. To think they are talking about you, denotes that you are menaced with illness and disfavor. The Complete Dream Book. Talking in your sleep is similar in cause to sleep movement. But if they are seen on dry land it means prosperity, freshness and verdure. Carl Jung said that birds represent thoughts while birds in flight symbolize moving and changing thoughts. Hatching from the egg; our birth and infancy. The unconscious may be providing solutions for your existence. The Complete Dream Book, To dream of Owls, or Bats, or any creatures associated only with Darkness, is a bad sign. The old lady is once more reference to the mother, to whom the bird is first con­nected before moving on to the difficulty of independence. Eggs in the nest, good prospects. To see a flock of birds in a dream means money and power and particularly for someone who tends them or cares for them. The recommended strategy is that there is no need to yell or try to wake up someone who is sleeptalking; just make sure they are safe and comfortable. The Big Dictionary of Dreams. Gypsy Dream Dictionary. A high-flying bird indicates spiritual awareness or that part in us that seeks knowledge.... Dream Meanings of Versatile. The Dream Books Symbols. It may also indicate a potentially successful venture or wealth. Despite the open eyes, despite the calm or agitated talking, sleeptalkers are deeply asleep. Its association with the element of air—itself associated with aspirations and ideals—means a flying bird might have also become a symbol of high-flying ambition and the quest for enlightenment. To dream of a birdhouse suggests that you see your home as your own spiritual haven. The Language of Dreams. Freud thought that the bird represented the phallus and that flying represented the sexual act. To dream of a sick or dead yellow bird foreshadows disaster for you and your affairs.... Dream Symbols and Analysis, To see this bird dead or sick then it foretells disaster in your affairs.... Encyclopedia of Dreams, Copyright © - 2020 Nature). Because they navigate in an unseen—and thus seemingly spiritual—medium, birds can have a variety of different religious meanings, as messengers of the divine (e.g., the Holy Spirit), as symbols of the soul, as heralds of spiritual aspiration (the desire to “soar aloft”), and so on. An unknown bird in a dream means a warning, an advice or an admonition. Some people sleep talk very frequently, however, so much so they worry in case they disturb the sleep of others, or say things they regret. You will find yourself worrying over problems that are constantly on your mind. Birds are messengers delivering sacred information to the dreamer from the spiritual dimensions. Alternatively, it may signify a prosperous endeavor, new opportunities, or an imminent fortune. You have to have a safety net in case you fail. To catch one promises happiness; but caging them is a harbinger of misfortune. You may feel unconventional and out of ordinary, even though you may not have admitted this to yourself yet. Singingbirds in a dream represent musicians and singers. The shaman is said to fly - to make contact w ith spirits or the skv-god himself - and his emblem is often a bird, sometimes w orn in the form of a bird-mask.) The condition that the egg is in will say a lot about your current financial situation, or your dreams of financial success. Birds also connect with a vantage point and the ability to see farther by virtue of their unobstructed view of things. Dreaming of canaries suggests singing and may therefore refer to a joyful emotion. The Complete Dream Book. It sounded as if it were crying (Andrew). Goose/Geese The goose is said to represent watchfulness and love. ... Dream Meanings of Versatile, Unconscious drives; death; the negative aspect of mother. Folklore: A bad omen.... Little Giant Encyclopedia, To see a flying blackbird in your dream means that you will experience prosperity or good luck.... Dream Symbols and Analysis. To kill than with a gun, is disaster from dearth of harvest. You may also feel that your values and beliefs are being compromised. Idioms: charm the birds from the trees; a bird told me; bird has flown; bird in the hand, bird of ill omen; free as a bird, odd bird. The colors, as well as the general interpretation for birds, are significant here. Speaking and not being understood: feeling of not being lis­tened to; frustration. Dreams of birds represent imagination, intuition, angels, creativity, and a desire for freedom. Capturing a bird in a dream means having control over a powerful person.