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The Quest is a beautifully hand-drawn open world role playing game with old school grid-based movement and turn based combat. I’m seeing a pattern here, this has to be the 3rd or 4th time Carmack has said something along the lines of “I’m trying but they won’t listen”. I am being generous too. If I wanted that kind of experience I would have just brought a cheap VR headset for my phone! The NYTimes alone gave away more than 1M viewers, others did too, and by late 2016 the Cardboard Android app alone had been installed more than 10M times. Google had sort of an accidental success with Cardboard, which was widely adopted. The Quest - Asteroids is an expansion to The Quest. It’s no different than when bethesda bought id. Smaller (non resizable) 4:3 windows, causing bars for 16:9 content further decreasing the media surface. I don’t always play VR with them so having the ability to continue talking with them even if I’m playing on a separate platform would be nice. I see some game developers for VR have actually left VR and now do pancake apps. 709 articles since June 2009The Quest has been released on Steam! 90+ monsters! Of course 2D apps will become less relevant as XR rises. Android apps work on Quest already, with the limitation that Quest runs a bit old Android version – I believe Quest 1 runs Android 7.1 or so, not sure what is Quest 2 running. Much of the web is driven by work they’ve put out into the wild. there are billions of cellphones that have developers making software for them, there might be a few million quests at best in a few years. He’s a weird person but he’d be happier there. So there’s the answer to getting 16:9 all the time. A few hundred apps on the quest store is nothing next to the google app library. Name Menu Icon Release Date Description Recomended Level Developer Platforms The Quest February 20, 2009 (iOS), December 21, 2015 (Steam) Main game set on the continent of Freymore where the hero is put on a mission of great importance to uncover a deadly plot against the crown. Honestly I think the 3 reasons basically are that they don’t want 2D content to crowd out or prevent spatial content from being made, they don’t want to deal with performance concerns, and they don’t want to risk a lot of competition or new stores that threaten their control. Yup. Hopefully, Infinite Office will ultimately lead to better integration of flat and stereoscopic screen apps. I also have Amazon Appstore installed, but it’s a little tricky to get the apks to install. Oculus CTO John Carmack has said publicly that he’d love to open up Oculus Quest to Android apps to boost the headset’s usefulness, but admits he’s “not winning” the debate internally at Facebook. This allows me to run games like Asphalt 8 complete with DLC through my Amazon account. I think this might have been made more difficult for Quest 2 than Go/Quest 1; but I’d like to look into it. Carmack was the one that pushed Gear VR and Minecraft VR. His hands are tied at fb plus people are going to change to a different hmd because of the need to link accounts. It won’t happen overnight but gradually. …..and according to the leaks soon apple will have most likely small shiny all day wear smart glasses accessory ….because they want to sell millions of them to anyone …not just vr/ar enthusiasts Find all our Survivors: The Quest Questions and Answers for Android. You can get it on Google Play for Android and in the App Store for iOS. As a workaround I installed Amazon Appstore since they have their own framework. On Go (and maybe earlier Quest firmware, I didn’t use OTV much on Quest before the new model) they display in a mountain forest environment on a large 16:9 screen. The Quest - Mithril Horde is an expansion to The Quest. Enjoy your adventures in it's large, colorful and intricate world wherever you go! Total control is more important than making the headset useful I guess. Google with 2 million apps, Apple, Sony, MSFT, Amazon Etc. You have to cycle the screen off and on during apk installation to get the install buttons to show up at the bottom of the dialog. I can do that over Oculus link right now but the majority of my VR library is on the Quest. The Quest - Islands of Ice and Fire is an expansion to The Quest. Sure. I use Firestarter, which is an APK launcher for the Amazon FireTV plus APK Pure in download only mode since the built in installer tends to fail. The Quest HD - Isles of Ice and Fire released! The Cubot Quest is a superb shockproof, ... Running Android 9.0 Pie, there are no OEM additions to the Android build making this phone deliver a pared-down, sleek user experience. Come on, man. For installing I use XAPK Manager and for split apks SAI. I think they know enough to see that making their own OS would have thrown off devs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Quest 3 has its own OS and even its own silicon. Experience the classic RPG that started the legend of DRAGON QUEST! It’s a long game, perhaps smart to let Facebook burn billions of dollars on VR, facebook will have a 6dof real ar headset in 2021 …apparently For installing I use APK Manager and for split apks SAI. Quest and Quest 2 feature a mobile chipset running Android, and include its own set of development processes and best practices. For details on who these people are, ple… You win joke comment of the decade my good sir. Your argument is similar to claiming that early smartphones needed Windows compatibility, which clearly was not the case. AR Core brewing very nicely, Google still very much in the fight, but playing long game. An Android store by Facebook for the Quest would allow them to take a 30% cut on those apps. Make no mistake, right now it would be cool to have all these Android apps on Quest – but things will change. Unfortunately, we may not see any of these avenues pursued, despite Carmack’s insistence. The FAQ for Survivors: The Quest plus great forums and game help. It’s not that far fetched, from a company culture standpoint. Firestarter (AppStarter) made for Amazon FireTV, works great plus you can customize it with wallpaper, include/exclude apps in the menu, and install/update Kodi. The build was pushed to the Quest and the game was playable on a 2D plane inside the Quest, I was very surprised. Valves structure would be perfect for him but I’m sure his contract has a no compete clause for a year or 2 so if he did leave he wouldn’t be able to work on vr stuff… I assume. In the kingdom of Monares trouble is brewing.