Vagrant Story is like Demon's Souls if Demon's Souls had failed to resonate with gamers. Walkthrough: Vagrant Story seems like a big game, and indeed its world is certainly both varied and complicated. Vagrant Story is set in the fictitious city of Leá Monde, while the kingdom of Valendia is engulfed in civil war.Leá Monde is an old town with a history spanning more than two millennia. Vagrant Story is a solo dungeon crawl, featuring a focus on weapon modification and creation where the player hacks and slashes their way through the caverns and catacombs beneath the ruined city of Leá Monde.The main character, riskbreaker Ashley Riot, does combat with the Crimson Blade knights who patrol the streets above Leá Monde, hunting for a mysterious man called Sydney Losstarot. Head forward until you reach the #5 spot on the map, which is Traces of the Beast. This guide will give a step-by-step instruction on where and how to get all the necessary pieces for the true ending. This walkthrough should assist you in that. Snowfly Forest Walkthrough When you first start out in the now-infamous Snowfly Forest in Vagrant Story, it may seem a bit intimidating at first (and it should!). Watch Queue Queue In order to achieve the true ending the player must fulfill a few specific tasks. Within The Vagrant there are two endings, the normal one and the true ending. This video is unavailable. You either figured it out or quit. However, there aren't that many areas in it, really, and once you've gotten the hang of the controls and procured yourself some decent equipment, it goes by fairly quickly. Located on an island surrounded by reefs, the walls have been the "witness of many battles" and are "stronger than the mightiest forts of Valendia". And I'll just be honest that the reason Demon's Souls was loved was because it too was a hot mess in a way. Once here, go right (west I think), and into the next area. Snowfly Forest: The Snowfly Forest is not a friendly place. Walkthrough, Part III. Lots of cutscenes here, so be ready for that. You'll begin this annoying quest in the Faerie Circle. It is one of two areas in the game where the exits on your mini-map are not labelled with dots. It doesn't hold your hand and explain every system to you. Since every area in the forest looks pretty much the same, this means that if you rotate the screen at all, it will be nigh-impossible to tell where you came from.