I killed him 25 minutes in the arena, and I feel the dragonator and stones really helped me. Either way, here is the META Long Sword build for the Znorah Magdaros Long Sword in MHW and a bunch of long sword math on how it compares to the best long sword build for the gold rathian long sword. Another build you can consider is the Rathian for Poison Duration UP – This is especially powerful against Safi’jiiva. The Shara Ishvalda Longsword is also a good pick as soon as you finish Iceborne Story. The Poison doesn't do much, but between the damage it adds and the additional freedom of skills to get other damage boosts, it's clear that the Gold Rathian LS is one of the best, that also just happens to be Poison. I fought Gold Rathian 4 times. The current best Long Sword in Iceborne is the Gold Rathian one – Wyvern Blade “Luna”, this is mentioned in my compilation here. Plus with the Taroth Sword Fire, you'll have decent enough sharpness. With skills such as Earplugs, you can last through monster roars. This Long Sword build is generally balanced between survival, health boost, & damage capability. MHW Iceborne Longsword Build Compilation. The builds above are taken from reddit meta build for Longsword here. but you run the ruiner weapons for that, not gold rathian. Before that, you can progress with the Viper Tobikadachi weapon tree to Pink Rathian. Currently, if you need a comfy starter Longsword in Iceborne, you … I fought him Guding Lands and captured him after 4-5 deaths. Conclusion. We need actual play testing to determine if this can get enough blast procs in hunter to compete with the gold rathian long sword. the point of foregoing master's touch is to fit in defensive/utility skills. It was grueling experience and I know I had to do poison resistance. The farm for the gold rathian long sword is such a painful farm. the problem is you have no more relevant DPS skills to fit into the meta build and even if you did, its extremely unlikely they would ever compensate for the time lost in like 3 sharpens. The final boss LS for example only gets 4% more damage than the Gold Rathian LS with NEB and Handicraft 3. I'm seriously considered making Lance build because he is such a tool.