I'm a huge fan of vinegar and baking soda as air fresheners. Connie Brown says. Our guess is no, but we still do it — and we found funny little product devoted to the practice. The chemical-laden sprays can aggravate allergies and contribute to indoor air pollution. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer. Reply. When deciding what kind of air freshener to use in your home, consider baking soda as a natural alternative to aerosol sprays. This is one of those things we do because our mom did, and we have no idea if it’s actually doing anything. It is a unique mineral that can be used for baking and cleaning. ... You can also make your own car air freshener using activated charcoal or baking soda. Try making your own coffee air freshener for your car for only pennies. What are the amount you use for each item and how do you mix them. The shelf life of baking soda depends mostly on how it is stored. See how to make your own baking soda air freshener on Couponing 101. Because it’s sensitive to moisture and humidity, it generally has a shelf life of between six months to one year. Baking soda is safe, natural and non-toxic. It's a homemade air freshener and it's incredibly easy and cheap to make. Simply absorbing moisture from the air won't trigger its bubbling reaction. See it below…This is from The Container Store, and it is supposed to let air reach your open baking soda while keeping the baking soda “fresh. September 9, 2015 September 14, 2019 Monika air freshener, baking soda, essential oils. Freshen up your room with this quick and simple Lavender Baking Soda Air Freshener! Here's what you'll need: - 1/4 cup of Downy Unstoppables in your preferred scent - 4 teaspoons of baking soda - 1 cup boiling water - 14-oz spray bottle Downy Unstoppables come in a million great scents, too, so feel free to get whichever one you like best! Coffee is also a great odor eliminator! Baking powder does not last forever. 9. Baking soda is a leavening agent that helps baked goods rise. It is why baking soda is sold in cardboard containers that open with a loose flap, rather than a sealed container as with baking powder. These genius tips for how to make car air freshener last longer will keep your auto smelling clean! How long does Arm and Hammer baking soda last? Baking soda commonly does not have an expiration date on the package. ... How long does it last does the oil suckup the baking soda to work. Reply. 3. Unlike baking powder, baking soda needs an acid to activate it. How long does baking soda last? September 21, 2017 at 3:18 pm. three years Baking powder should be kept in a cool, dry place, such as inside a cabinet, and should be discarded when it is no longer active.