Heat on medium high until the syrup reaches 290-300 degrees, which is between soft crack and hard crack stages. A crusher driven by a single ox can be expected to process around 50kg of cane per hour. After being harvested, the sugar cane plant is sent to factories in order to create cane juice. Pour into a … Most artisanal sugar producers use a simple crusher consisting of three metal rollers. You'll note the brownish color, which is the molasses, still intact on the crystals. This can be done by crushing and pressing the canes. The plant is flattened under large rollers, which squeezes out all of the natural cane sugar juice used to form the sugar. This is driven by either animal or diesel power. You can easily make brown sugar from sugar cane by first extracting the juice from the cane. Like making syrup from maple tree sap, boiling is the route to take when making sugar. This juice must then be filtered through evaporation in order to be purified. Figures 1 and 2 show both types in operation in Bangladesh. In these pictures the rollers are set vertically; many machines have horizontal rolle… A 5HP diesel set could increase this to around 300kg per hour. Remove from heat and stir vigorously for about 5 minutes. Keep boiling and skimming until you have reduced the syrup to its crystals. The juice should then be filtered through fine cotton cloth to remove any debris before gently simmering on the stove to draw off most of the water. Use a rolling pin to create a mangle, and roll the canes until no more sugar water comes out of them. How to Make Maple Sugar at Home Start with about 3 gallons of pure, organic maple syrup.